Fighting 4 You Workshop

Warrior Mountain Academy offers classes, designed specifically for individuals facing addictions, on how to apply principles and strategies in their lives through self-protection techniques.

About Us

At Warrior Mountain Academy, we present fundamental principles that are applied throughout our system of martial arts and self defense. These principles are interrelated, and they teach universal concepts and strategies designed to increase personal protection. These principles are not limited to self-defense applications. They are designed to be applied in all aspects of our lives, from self defense and martial arts to self improvement and addiction recovery. The principles include, but are not limited to, Maintain Integrity, Yield to Force, Don’t Rely on Strength, and Correct Distance.

For over five years we have been teaching a 2-hour class in various locations, designed specifically for individuals facing addictions, on how to apply these principles and strategies in their lives, but we do it through self-protection techniques. Using this approach has helped those struggling with addictions towards the ultimate goal of completion of character.

We can tailor the class towards the needs of your clients. Please contact us for more information. We would love to connect with you!



Duane Sheely

Duane is a retired US Army veteran and Military Intelligence officer. During his 29-year service, he served in many capacities, locations, operations, campaigns, and assignments, to include Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Counterdrug.

Duane began his martial arts training over 40 years ago and is the founder of Warrior Mountain Academy. Duane currently studies Japanese Jujitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Kali-Silat, and Ba Gua Zhang Kung Fu.

After retiring from the army, Duane served as a federal contractor supporting the Utah National Guard as their Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, and as a military liaison for Steps Recovery.


Stacy Oakley


Designed for adults (18 & Older)

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